What is Brainy?

Bookkeeping service provider with unmatched, affordable rates led by licensed CPAs from Big 4-Accounting firms.

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We offer bookkeeping services where we categorize your transactions, reconcile your bank accounts and create monthly financial reports so you can make sound decisions about your business. We also offer catch-up and clean-up bookkeeping services and tax support services.

All of it! We specialize in bookkeeping for e-commerce, application development, import/export distribution, medical clinic and real estate industries.

Yes. In Brainy, we will assure to keep all your business records confidential.

Yes! Professional fees are 100% tax deductible.

Easy peasy, just sign the form and we will be in touch with you.


Our bookkeeping plans are based on your business expenses, complexity, number of transactions and needs.

No, especially if your business grows rapidly in an average span of 2 months. We will recompute your average COGS+expenses and bill you for the tier difference in the covered month.

Zero! No hidden fees at all.

Of course! You are free to cancel your subscription anytime, no worries.


An accurate bookkeeping is crucial for financial management providing organized business records, effective tracking of income and expenses and overall profitability. These factors aid in making sound business decisions and forecasting for future plans of the business.

We use Quickbooks Online to simplify your bookkeeping. If you are using other platforms currently, we’d be happy to assist you with moving it over to Quickbooks and get you set up.

We will update your books at the beginning of the next month following the closing month. Your books and reports will likely be ready by the second or third week each month.

We work through a cash accounting basis currently but if you have accrual requirements, give us a call or e-mail and we will customize your plan for you.

Sign up with Brainy and we’ll reach out using the information you have provided us. We’ll set a call with you to require all necessary information and data to get your books set up and ready for closing.

Once you have provided these information, our Brainy bookkeepers will proceed to closing your books for the specific month-end period. We’ll deliver reconciled accounts, classified transactions, adjusted and corrected entries and accurate balance sheet and income statement.

Yes, totally! We understand and support your business’ growth, we will be flexible in the agreement to accommodate your growing needs and increase our scope of work accordingly.

Nope. You can schedule a catch-up meeting with your dedicated Brainy bookkeeper or shoot them a message for urgent inquiries, but we will not charge you for anything! We will also be proactive in providing you with timely updates about your books.

Catch-Up Bookkeeping:

Of course! We can give you discounted rates for catch up bookkeeping if you are already partnered with us for a minimum one-year plan subscription.

Our catch up services can cover for any period of backlogs whether it’s a few months or several years as long as the essential documents are available for our reconciliation.

We commonly require bank statements, credit card statements, receipts, invoices, purchase orders, payroll records and other relevant documents which will help us construct accurate financial reports.

Our catch up bookkeeping normally takes around 3-4 weeks of work for a medium-sized business’ one year overdue books. However, it will still depend on the volume and complexity of the nature of your business.

We offer a discounted rate for our new and existing clients, a total of 20% off of our regular bookkeeping rate for every month that you are behind.

After your catch up is completed, it is recommended to maintain regular bookkeeping practices to avoid piling up with backlogs and maximize advantages of having updated books on time.

Tax Support:

Yes, we will provide your Tax Preparer with all the necessary financial information they would be needing and answer their books-related questions so you can have a hassle-free tax season.

We generally service all industries except for nonprofit businesses, businesses involving international arrangements, and personal income taxes.

Yes, we’ll check your existing books, of course, to make sure they are up to standards.

Incompliance with filing of your business taxes will have consequences with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They may impose penalties, interests, levies, liens and other charges. So it is a general requirement for all types of businesses to file taxes.

CPA Firm Support:

This service refers to Brainy’s provision of external and outsourced services to CPA firms in order to assist them with various aspects of their operations.

We currently offer the following services to CPA firms:

  • Ghost Bookkeeping
  • Busy Season Flex-Staffing
  • Ongoing Strategic Partnerships
  • Client Audit Support

Yes, our CPA Firm Support Services are customizable. We can discuss your needs so we can provide solutions fit for your firm.

Brainy’s add-on services are priced starting at an hourly rate of $49/hr.

Our support professionals are CPAs and have experience working in Big Four Accounting Firm and Fortune 500 companies.

Just let us know so we can set up a call to discuss your firm’s needs by filling up this form to get started.

Custom Add-on Services:

Brainy currently offers the following add-on services:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable Management
  • Preparation of Adjusted Financials for M&A
  • Other M&A Financials Analysis and Requirements

Brainy’s add-on services are additional features that are not included in our standard bookkeeping package (see standard bookkeeping inclusions). We focus on specific areas such as Financial Reporting and Analysis, Cohort Analysis, Accounts Receivable/Payable Management, and Preparation of Adjusted Financials for M&A. It involves a more personalized approach and a more flexible scope of work.

Yes, our add-on services are customizable. We assess your needs and provide solutions fit for your business.

Brainy’s add-on services are priced starting at an hourly rate of $49/hr.

Easy peasy! Send a message to your dedicated bookkeeper and they will handle your request and forward them to the appropriate team.