Humble Beginnings

Billy's journey as an entrepreneur started fairly typically and quite humbly, through the launch of a side business that he worked on at night. The business' "assets" were stored under his bed in his small apartment. An accountant friend of his compiled a P&L for him once a year at tax time. 

As his first business found success, he created more companies. He decided he needed his P&L updated monthly. His friend couldn't keep up as she was also working full-time and starting a family, so Billy was forced to search for a new part-time bookkeeper.


A Persistent Problem

After several frustrating years bouncing from one part-time bookkeeper to another, and a huge investment in time onboarding each, Billy decided to just hire a full-time accountant even if he didn't have enough work for one. He sought someone with extra skills, so they could contribute outside of just bookkeeping after the books were updated each month.

That's how Billy met Pat.


A Smart Solution

Pat was a licensed CPA who worked long hours performing advanced work with major international clients in support of one of the Big Four accounting firms after graduating with Cum Laude honors from university.

Upon being hired by Billy, she immediately set to work cleaning up his messy books from the prior year. Once up to date, she established a consistent schedule to complete bookkeeping for the prior month by the same date every month. That was a huge relief and value-add for Billy as he was able to glean insights on the business performance in a timely manner.


More Than Just Bookkeeping

After completing the books each month, Pat started taking on a host of other responsibilities. She collaborated with Billy's tax advisory firm on his annual filings, supported Billy with analysis and audits as he acted as both buyer and seller during M&A processes, built and updated complex cohort retention reports, and performed complicated ad hoc reports to supply the company with critical actionable data. As it relates to finance and accounting, there was little she had not done and could not do.

The goal of Brainy is to offer the same services and quality that Pat gave to Billy's companies to small businesses everywhere. 

We've built a team of CPAs just like Pat, with very similar backgrounds and abilities. Pat oversees their day-to-day and ensures best practices are followed. Billy consults with the team to outline processes and auxiliary services that would be helpful to business owners.

How We Can Help You

If you're just starting out or run a smaller, straightforward business, we can offer you clean books professionally updated in a timely manner each month at an affordable price.

As your business scales and becomes more complex over time, we are equipped to grow in lockstep with you, so you don't have to start over with another accounting provider or commit to hiring in-house resources before your business truly needs them.


Our Founders

Billy Buckles


Billy has been working in internet marketing for 15 years. After starting his career as a marketing executive in fast-growth startups, he has gone on to own and operate businesses across a wide range of industries. In addition to founding over 10 businesses, he has acquired and sold several companies.

We're building Brainy to be the solution Billy wishes he had from day one in his journey as an entrepreneur.

Billy Buckles


Patricia Bautista

Co-Founder/Head of Accounting & Licensed CPA

Patricia Bautista

Co-Founder/Head of Accounting & Licensed CPA

Pat's proclivity for numbers and sharp eye for details earned her Cum Laude honors at university and a prestigious position working with a Big Four accounting firm out of college. Her experience in accounting runs the gamut from bookkeeping to audits to payroll to process automation and more. She is well-versed in GAAP and IFRS thanks to years of work with international clients. And she has never run into an Excel problem she couldn't solve. 

Pat's Co-Founder role at Brainy allows her to continually explore new realms of accounting and finance, helping clients from all over the world.


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